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How To Take A Better Selfie

You’ve tried it, right? It can’t be hard, right? After all, teenagers all over social media have mastered the art of taking a selfie. You know it’s do-able. So, you pick up your phone, snap a selfie, quickly delete it deciding that you just aren’t photogenic,  put your phone down and pretend it never happened.  You can’t take a selfie. I’m here to tell you that it’s do-able!  You can take a flattering selfie!  I’ve got several tips to help you take a social media worthy selfie in no time! First off- Some Cell Phone Tips!

  • Turn your flash OFF! It’s not flattering, casts shadows, and hits you with some harsh light.
  • Clean your Lens.  They often get dirty and grungy from all the places they are carried.
  • Focus-  To focus decide what you want to focus on, tap the screen on where you want your focal point to be. (Your face, for a selfie)
  • An extra little tip…. On an Iphone, when you tap the screen and the focus square comes up, there is a little sunshine/light looking icon to the side of it.  If you slide it up or down, you can adjust the exposure/brightness.

Now, it’s time to take a selfie.

  • First, go find some yummy light.  The most flattering selfies are taken in soft, filtered light.  Stand on your porch, under the shade with light reflecting off of the concrete or sidewalk….stand 5-10 feet in front of a window or door with soft even light coming thru…..or stand outside during the “golden hour” (for us Texans, it’s the “golden 15 minutes”) right before sunset.
  • FACE THE LIGHT! Take that phone out, turn the camera on and see how great the light makes you look.  The soft even light is so flattering and check out the catch lights in your eyes!  Whistle-whistle!
  • Position yourself.  Lift/lower your chin, move or angle your shoulders. Play around until you like what you see.
  • Shoot down.  Just slightly down.  You don’t have to hold it way above your head and look up.  Do not….I repeat….do not shoot up.  I’ve tried this several times and it has just never worked out.  I wind up looking like Sasquatch.
  • To not get the obvious “selfie arm”, change up your angles.  Camera phones shoot wide so just play with what is most flattering for you.  Sometimes, holding your phone horizontally helps get a better angle.  I sometimes cut off my forehead…mainly because it’s huge.
  • You can also set the self timer on your phone’s camera to eliminate the selfie arm or to get a full body shot.  Prop your phone up, set the timer, and get into position.
  • Snap some selfies.  Actually, snap quite a few selfies.  Change things up and take some more.  Re position yourself, full on smile, small grin, just keep snapping and changing things up.

Try to avoid-

  • Just say “No” to filters.  You can edit in your phone.  I like basic edits that I can do myself…..I up the brightness/exposure a little, play with the contrast, sharpen, and that’s about it.  A little goes a long way.  Some of my favorite photo editing apps that I also use are VSCO and Modern Editor.  VSCO has great black and white edits and has great photo adjustments too.
  • Always avoid unflattering light.  Indoors/fluorescent lights just don’t do much for you.  Stick to the flattering natural light.
  • Avoid distracting backgrounds….and bathroom selfies.  No toilets and toothpaste tubes in the background.
  • Please don’t over edit your skin or your eyes.  It’s obvious, I promise.
  • Don’t be critical or too hard on yourself.  Love yourself.  It’s a selfie.  No biggie.  Just have fun with it.

Now if you want to up your selfie game even further, there are some items that make it easier and are just generally fun to have! *The links below may contain affiliate links.  I make a small commission when you purchase from my links, which I’ll totally blow on a Big Red fountain drink.*

  • A bluetooth remote shutter release.  Yes, it’s a thing and it’s so much fun!  It is great to get full body shots, self portraits, shots or your hands working, and even group shots.  It’s small and can easily be hidden in your hand.  My son and I have so much fun with this
  • A tripod for your phone.  I’m a little embarrassed to admit it, but I have two! I have a little table top one that comes with the remote shutter and a taller one.  These can stand on their own or your can wrap and attach them to something to hold your phone.  I usually just use it as a tripod.  I don’t wan’t it to get all wonky if I bend it into crazy positions. The small one that comes with the remote shutter isn’t  heavy duty.  I haven’t worn it out yet, but I’m not sure it would hold up after a lot of bending and shaping.

This is the one that I have: Bluetooth Wireless Remote Shutter for phone - this comes with a small tripod for your phone. I talk about it below! *****Make sure to get one that is compatible with your phone!*****

I also have this tripod that is meant for DSLR cameras.  I just add the phone holder from the above tripod and use this most of the time.  It’s more of a heavy duty tripod and is quite a bit bigger.  This one is more expensive and probably won’t be for just selfies. It is just an extra compact tripod that I own already and use it with my iPhone a lot. Joby Tripod 

The last little gem that I LOVE is the Olloclip! It is a 4-in-1 lens for your phone!! It’s not specific for selfies.  I have used the wide angle lens for group selfies quite a few times.  For general photography, this is so much fun! It even has two macro lenses. I took so many macro flower shots, shots of eyelashes, and texture shots when I first got this.  It also has a fish eye lens that is fun to play with also!  The only downside is that you have to take your phone case off to use it.  They have special phone cases for the Olloclip, but I haven’t ever bought one. If you are wanting some great lenses for general iphone photography, this is a lot of fun! Olloclip 4-in-1 Iphone Lens

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